Odd behavior? Submit a Bug to help Monorail improve!

We’re so sorry you experienced a bug. That’s annoying.
But if it’s broke, we’ll fix it!
We just need your help to know what the problem is.

Here’s the quickest way to show us what’s going on…

  1. Open the app’s Main Menu and select "More Info"
  2. Switch on "Enable Diagnostics"
  3. Fully restart the Monorail app

Complete these next steps within 60 seconds:

  1. Repeat the action(s) which caused the bug
  2. Capture a screenshot with your device
  3. A dark prompt should appear. (Shake your device if the prompt doesn't appear.)
  4. Enter the email address associated with your account in the top field
  5. Press "Send" to send the report to our team

From there, we can troubleshoot with the Development team to get the bug fixed.

If you're experiencing an issue that is blocking you from accessing your funds, please reach out to Customer Support for additional assistance. We won’t leave you hanging!

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