Sorry to hear your account was suspended!

There are two main reasons why this happened.

1. Failed ACH Deposit - A failed ACH deposit will automatically trigger an account suspension.

To un-suspend your account, you’ll need to deposit the necessary amount of money to "zero" your account balance. Once you’ve done so, please let your Customer Support team know once the deposit has been made. We’ll be able to reinstate your account once we’re on the same page.

Failure to “zero” your account will result in a permanent suspension and the forfeiture of any bonuses earned.

2. Fraud - This means Monorail’s financial partners have flagged your information or your account for fraudulent activity, and this has led to your account being frozen.

If your Monorail account was setup without your knowledge, please reach out to Monorail Customer Support. You may also need to take additional steps to protect your identity and personal information.

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