When I create a Milestone, what am I investing in?

Monorail's Milestones contain diversified investment portfolios that are composed of varying percent allocations of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), bonds, and amounts held in cash.

Essentially, each individual Milestone is a portfolio containing different types of investments. When you add money to a Milestone it is automatically added to this diversified portfolio and invested.

Each portfolio is tied to a level of suggested risk tolerance that fits its percent stock-bond-cash allocation.

For example, someone who is looking for a higher rate of return and is okay with taking more risk on their investment might open a long-term goal with an Aggressive portfolio. Meanwhile, someone who is trying to protect their money against inflation and wants minimal risk might decide to go with a Moderate Conservative or a Defensive portfolio. These are just examples and not investment advice - please do your due diligence prior to making investments!

Currently, Monorail offers the following investment portfolios:

Aggressive - This portfolio holds the greatest risk but can also produce the steepest rewards if you can stomach the ride.

Moderate Aggressive - Bring in the safety net. This portfolio's payoff is impressive and the risk is high, but a failure wouldn't be as severe.

Moderate - This portfolio foster's strong returns but is balanced for less risky investors. You only need to be brave, not fearless.

Moderate Conservative - A large portion of this portfolio is playing it safe, but there is still a fair dosage of risk for respectable rewards.

Conservative - This portfolio may not earn significant gains over time but it can better preserve its value in an unpredictable market.

Defensive - Gain where you can but protect the rest. This portfolio is structured to proactively defend against market downturns.

Cash Only - Need more time before jumping in? Your money can be held here and will be ready to invest when the time is right.

The exact percent allocations for the above portfolios can be found in the Monorail app when creating or modifying an investing goal.

If you have any questions, reach out to Customer Support and we can try to help. But just know we won't be able to offer any financial advice.

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