How do I start adding money to my Wishlist?

There are two major ways you can add funds to your Wishlist:

Add Cash / Scheduled Deposits
In the Wishlist overview, there is an "Add Cash" button and a section labeled "Scheduled Deposits." Both features facilitate the deposit of funds from an external connected bank account directly to your Wishlist.

"Add Cash" creates a one-time deposit to the Wishlist, while "Scheduled Deposits" can be enabled for any amount and be set to recur every day, week, or month depending on your preference.

Move Funds
The Wishlist, checking account, and savings Tracks are linked under the hood of the app and allow funds to be instantly moved internally between these three features.

For example, you could choose to move $100 to your Wishlist from one of your savings Tracks at any time as long as the funds have cleared their 3 business day withholding period after being initially deposited into the app.

Similarly, after reaching your target amount on a Wishlist item, the funds are automatically moved to your Monorail checking account for spending with the Monorail Debit Card after you press "Purchase Item" (if your checking account is open and in good standing).

Either of those two ways should get you going with powering your Wishlist.

If you have any questions or run into roadblocks, just reach out to Customer Support.

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