What does my account status mean?

There are a few statuses you may see after your underlying financial account is submitted for review. These are "We need more info," "Account Archived," and "Account Rejected."

We need more info

Your application was either incomplete or certain information didn't add up. For example, your address could be old or just needs verification. Please reach out to Customer Support, and we'll get you squared away.

Account Archived

This signifies that your account review period has expired. In order to start the process again, we had to archive your initial request and resubmit the information to the bank.

Account Rejected

There are two types of rejection your account can face, a "soft" rejection and a "hard" rejection.

Soft rejection - A soft rejection occurs when your Account Status is under the "We need more info" stage, and the required information is not sent. Usually, a soft rejection will occur around 14 days. If you have a soft rejection, you can re-register.

Hard rejection - A hard rejection occurs when there is suspected fraud or money laundering activities. If you have a hard rejection, you will not be able to re-register.

If you have any questions about your account status, please reach out to Customer Support!

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