How do I add an item to the Wishlist?

Adding an item to the wishlist is super easy!
We've outlined the different ways and steps below.

Sharing (recommended)

Sharing an item to your Wishlist is the fastest and easiest way. On the page of the item you wish to add, navigate to the share button (the arrow and square) next to the item's URL. Then, choose the Monorail App as your destination, and we'll do the rest! You can also scroll to the bottom of the share screen and press "Add to Wishlist" as well.

If you don't see the Monorail logo, the most likely reason is it's not on your Apps list. To add Monorail to your Apps list, hit the Share button and scroll all the way to "Add." Click that and then edit on the top right of the page. From there, all you'll need to do is either use the slider to turn it on or, if you have a lot of apps, add it as a favorite by using the plus sign!

Copy & Paste

  1. On the Wishlist screen (the first one), you can click "Add an item" or click on one of the empty boxes.
  2. Copy and paste the full URL of the item you want to add.
  3. The Monorail Wishlist will find the information that's required, which you'll be able to edit as well. Please note, the price is required!
  4. Choose the image you want to show.

You're ready to rock!

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